About Josephine


Josephine Atluri is an intelligent, hard-working and driven woman dedicated to helping others in the areas of health, wellness, and family planning.  Josephine attended the University of Chicago where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy. Upon graduating, Josephine worked as a management consultant at Ernst and Young, LLP helping fortune 500 companies and eCommerce start-ups.  After a few years as a consultant, Josephine realized her passion was to spread the importance of living a joyful and healthy life.  

Josephine has accomplished this mission via the various careers she has had since her time as a management consultant.  As a classically trained chef having graduated from the esteemed Culinary Institute of America, Josephine emphasized healthy eating habits, ingredients, and cooking styles as a catering manager.  Josephine went on to own her own event planning company where she assisted people plan and execute the bigger celebrations in their lives that brought joy to many people.  

After spending several years focused on the upbringing of her five children, Josephine resumed her mission by taking on the role of business development for a Boston based fitness company.  In this role, Josephine combined her passion for fitness and her strength in organizational management to lead the company’s strategic and operations initiatives. More importantly, however, in the process, Josephine helped many people tackle the often difficult task of revamping their fitness and leading healthier lives.  

The missing piece in Josephine’s training was learning how to incorporate stillness and silence into everyday life.  Thus, Josephine went on to complete her meditation teacher training at Unplug meditation where she studied under Unplug founder, Suze Yalof Schwartz, and the renowned meditation teacher, davidji.  Josephine currently produces health and wellness events around LA and teaches corporate meditation. To learn more about her meditation journey, click here.

In 2019, Josephine continues to dedicate her life’s work to helping people with their wellness.  Her main focus is on writing a book about her journey creating a modern-day family through adoption, IVF, and surrogacy.  To learn more, click here. In addition, Josephine remains active in the health and wellness scene in Los Angeles by curating such events for The XX Project, a network of top female leaders across all industries coming together to empower one another in their careers and in life.   Josephine is available for consulting services and event planning and management for health and wellness businesses. Connect with Josephine here.

Josephine’s overarching passion is to help people revitalize their overall wellness from a balanced perspective by addressing body, mind, and soul. Josephine’s multifaceted background gives her the unparalleled experience to support people in their quest for wellness.  Josephine’s maxim for people on their road towards vitality, “You can’t plan every detail in your future, but you can prepare and practice with the gift of each new day.”

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