Josephine Atluri Crafting the Modern Day Family

The Road to Creating the Modern Day Family

Currently Writing

Josephine is currently working on her memoir which follows her and her husband’s journey to creating the modern day family via adoption, IVF (fertility treatments), and surrogacy. Her five children came into their family in very different ways but are bound together by the strength of love. Josephine feels a duty to share her three different journeys to help the multitude of people facing the difficulties of infertility. Josephine aims to shine a light on the options available to people during this very dark and lonely time and in the end provide some hope to those striving to create their own families.

What Unthinkable Loss Taught Me About the "Perfect" Family

Josephine’s article, “What Unthinkable Loss Taught Me About the Perfect Family” was featured in The Thirty’s special series on “Letting Go” on March 29, 2018. In the article, Josephine wrote about her experience with miscarriage and infertility. She gives advice on how to experience one’s sadness and feeling of loss in order to fully let go and fortify one’s resilience.

Beating Infertility Podcast Interview

In June 2019, Josephine was interviewed on the podcast, “Beating Infertility.” In the podcast, Josephine talks at length about the trials and tribulations of her modern day family creation story. In addition, Josephine compares and contrasts her experiences with adoption, IVF and surrogacy. Josephine finishes up the interview with some lessons learned from her 10+ years overcoming infertility. To listen to the podcast, click here.

What’s Next…

While Josephine spends 2019 penning her memoir, you’ll be able to catch her on various podcasts sharing her story as well as other publications sharing snippets of her journey. Check this page to find out where you can find Josephine next!